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Join the Leaders in Secure Digital Transformation

Our mission is clear: drive transformative growth and success by securing your digital assets and harnessing the full potential of the cloud. Join us on the path to a secure, scalable, and sustainable future.

What we do it?

 We help companies navigate the complexities of compliance standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS, with a focus on industries like finance and healthcare. Our solutions ensure your digital assets are protected and your cloud infrastructure is secure and scalable.

Compliance and Governance

Leverage our expertise to build secure AWS Cloud Computing infrastructure and robust cybersecurity frameworks.

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Security Automation

Develop skills in automating security checks and balances within AWS deployments. This includes setting up automated scripts to handle security alerts, manage identity and access management (IAM) policies, and ensure continuous compliance.

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Security Checks

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Plan and implement robust disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity strategies for AWS environments. This leverages both your cloud architecture and cybersecurity skills to ensure data integrity and availability.

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Meet the team


Creative Director

Cynthia White

Cynthia's super power is her intuitive ability to understand what people want and creating ads that move them to buy.


Cybersecurity & AWS Architect

Zane White

Zane loves people and driving success. He manages AWS projects from start to finish, guiding you to assess, secure, and optimize your cloud infrastructure.


Sales & Marketing

Grant Van Aswegen

Grant enjoys connecting with new people to understand their business' challenges and finding ways to offer guidance. 


AI & Automation

Mika Krogtoft

Mika is deeply passionate about AI, automation and optimization. His expansive knowledge and experience makes successful businesses explosive. 


Question 01 - What differentiates Swift Alchemy from other AWS and cybersecurity consultants?

At Swift Alchemy, we blend deep AWS Solutions Architecture expertise with advanced cybersecurity knowledge to deliver comprehensive and secure cloud solutions. Unlike general consultants, we ensure your cloud infrastructure is optimally designed, rigorously secure, and compliant with the latest standards. Our holistic approach includes team education, collaborative project work, or full management of your cloud solutions tailored to your needs.

Question 02 - How do you tailor your services to meet our specific business needs?

We begin with a detailed consultation to understand your specific business objectives, current infrastructure, and security posture. This allows us to tailor our services, whether it's training, collaborative implementation, or full-service management, to align perfectly with your requirements. Our solutions are always custom-designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing operations while advancing your technological capabilities.

Question 03 - What is included in your pricing? Are there hidden fees?

Our pricing is transparent and upfront. For each service, we provide general pricing ranges on our website and offer detailed, customized quotes after initial consultations. The quotes include all costs associated with the project—there are no hidden fees. Our pricing structure is designed to provide clarity and predictability, ensuring that you can budget effectively without surprises.

Question 04 - How do you ensure the security of our data during projects?

Security is at the core of everything we do. We adhere to strict data protection protocols and use state-of-the-art security measures throughout the project lifecycle. Additionally, all projects are conducted in compliance with industry-standard cloud and cybersecurity practices and regulations to ensure that your data remains secure and private. We also provide documentation on all security measures implemented during and after project completion.

Question 05 - How do I get started?

Easy. First complete your personalized questionnaire and select a time that works for you to meet on Zoom. We'll explore your current goals and IT infrastructure, if the fit is mutually ideal, actionable recommendations will be offered to improve the security and efficiency of your hybrid or cloud assets.

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